igsa History

At the Womens Club on 8th November 1916, a group of eight headmistresses formed the Headmistresses Association of NSW ‘HMA’.  Elected as Foundation President was Miss Edith Badham (SCEGGS Darlinghurst).  

The purpose of the HMA was to provide mutual support, a forum for discussion and a vehicle for concerted action. By 1926 there were 27 full members and two life members of the Association.

Over the years the Association has adopted various new names to reflect its changed membership and finally, in 1974 it changed its name to the Association of Heads of Independent Girls Schools of New South Wales (AHIGS NSW).

It is now known as IGSA.

Other founding members were Miss Margaret Murray (Abbotsleigh), Miss Clara Roseby (Kambala), Miss Bertha Turner (Meriden), Miss Nellie Amos (PLC Sydney), Miss Mabel Sutton (MLC Burwood), Miss Mabel Fidler (Ravenswood) and Miss Evelyn Tildesley (Normanhurst, Ashfield).

New South Wales Heads served as Presidents of The Association of Head Mistresses of Australia which was founded in 1945 as follows:

1950-1952 Miss D Knox (PLC Pymble)
1959-1962 Miss P Bryant (Frensham)
1975-1978 Miss B Chisholm (SCEGGS)
1985 Miss K McCredie (Abbotsleigh)

Its final committee before AHIGSA was wound up on 26 August 1985 when AHISA was founded was:

Miss Kathleen McCredie (Abbotsleigh) President
Miss Barbara Jackson (Wenona) Vice President
Miss Jeanette Buckham (PLC Pymble)
Miss Patricia Dyson (PLC Sydney) Secretary
Rev Ken Cornwell (MLC) Treasurer. In NSW the Association had admitted male heads of girls’ schools to membership from 1970

Presidents of AHIGS NSW 1916 – 2021

1916 – 1918 Miss Edith Badham (SCEGGS Darlinghurst)
1919 Miss Margaret Murray (Abbotsleigh)
1920 Miss Mabel Fidler (Ravenswood)
1921 Mrs Grace Hunt (Woodcourt)
1922 Miss Clara Roseby (Kambala)
1923 Miss Gertrude A Roseby (Redlands)
1924 Miss Mabel Sutton (MLC Burwood)
1925 Miss Eva Saunders (Shirley)
1926 Mrs Clare King (Normanhurst)
1927 Mrs C Maude Brimacombe (Claremont)
1928 Miss Ellen Lenthall (St Catherine’s)
1929 Miss Nancy Jobson ( PLC Pymble)
1930 Miss Florian Elkington (CEGGS Chatswood)
1931 Miss Dorothea Poole (Abbotsleigh)
1932 Miss Ella Slack (SCEGGS Bay Road)
1933 Miss Gertrude A Roseby (Redlands)
1934 Miss Grace Overy (Meriden)
1935 Miss Margaret Bailey (Ascham)

1936 Miss Mabel Sutton (MLC Burwood)
1937 Miss Enid Ralston (Wenona)
1938 Miss Mary Hamilton (PLC Croydon)
1939 Miss Beatrice Rennie (Queenwood)
1940 Miss Fifi Hawthorne (Kambala)
1941 Miss G Gordon Everett (Abbotsleigh)
1942 Miss Kathleen Crago (Ravenswood)
1943 Miss Ann Croker (Brighton)
1944 Miss Dorothy Knox (PLC Pymble)
1945 Miss C Maude Brimacombe (Claremont)
1946 Mrs Isabel Hall (St Catherine’s)
1947 Miss Elsie Hannam (Meriden)
1948 Dr Gladys Wade (MLC)
1949 Miss Enid Ralston (Wenona)
1950 Miss Beatrice Rennie (Queenwood)
1951 Mrs Isobel Humphrey (SCEGGS Redlands)
1952 Miss Barbara Chisholm(SCEGGS Darlinghurst)
1953 Miss Eunice Macindoe (PLC Croydon)
1954 Miss Dorothy Knox (PLC Pymble)
1955 Miss Dorothy Whitehead (Ascham)
1956 Miss Fifi Hawthorne (Kambala)
1957 Miss Kathleen Crago (Ravenswood)
1958 Miss Ann Croker (Brighton College, Manly)
1959 Miss Ann Croker (Brighton College, Manly)
1960 Miss Faith Patterson (St Catherine’s)
1961 Miss Edith Ralston (Wenona)
1962 Miss Betty Archdale (Abbotsleigh)
1963 Dr Alice Whitley (MLC)
1964 Mrs Isobel Humphrey (SCEGGS Redlands)
1965 Miss Barbara Chisholm (SCEGGS Darlinghurst)
1966 Miss Freda Whitlam (PLC Croydon)
1967 Miss Dorothy Knox (PLC Pymble)
1968 Miss Merrilee Roberts (Ascham)
1969 Miss Phyllis Evans (Ravenswood)

31 Members

1970 Miss Sheila Morton (Meriden)
1971 Miss Faith Patterson (St Catherine’s)
1972 Miss Joyce Gibbons (Kambala)
1973 Miss Violet Medway (Queenwood)
1974 Miss Barbara Jackson (Wenona)
1975 Miss Kathleen McCredie (Abbotsleigh)
1976 Miss Cynthia Parker (Frensham)
1977 Miss Barbara Chisholm (SCEGGS Darlinghurst)
1978 Miss Jeanette Buckham (Pymble Ladies’ College)
1979 Mrs Joy Parker (Tara)
1980 Miss Phyllis Evans (Ravenswood)
1981 Miss Faith Patterson (St Catherine’s)
1982 Miss Sheila Morton (Meriden)
1983 Mrs Mary Richardson (Roseville College)
1984 Mrs Rowena Danziger (Ascham)
1985 Miss Kathleen McCredie (Abbotsleigh)
1986 Miss Cynthia Parker (Frensham)
1987 Miss Diana Bowman (SCEGGS Darlinghurst)
1988 Miss Barbara Jackson (Wenona)
1989 Dr Jan Milburn (NEGS)
1990 – 1991 Mrs Denise Thomas (Meriden)
1992 – 1993 Miss Diana Bowman (SCEGGS Darlinghurst)

24 Members

1994 – 1995 Mrs Joy Yeo (Roseville College)
1996 – 1997 Mrs Judith Wheeldon (Abbotsleigh)
1998 – 1999 Mrs Gillian Moore (Pymble Ladies’ College)

29 Members

2000 – 2001 Miss Rosalyn Bird (Danebank)
2002- 2003 Mrs Margaret Hadley (Wenona)
2004 – 2005 Mrs Kem Bray (Queenwood)
2006 – 2007 Mrs Margaret White (Kambala)
2008 Mrs Carol Bowern (Tara)
2009 – 2010 Ms Vicki Steer (Ravenswood)
2011 – 2012 Dr Briony Scott (Wenona)
2013 -2014 Mrs Vicki Waters (Pymble Ladies College)

30 Members

2015 – 2016 Mrs Megan Krimmer (Roseville College / Abbotsleigh)

31 Members

2017 – 2019 Mrs Susan Middlebrook (Tara)

32 Members

2020 – 2022 Dr Julie Greenhalgh (Meriden)

2023 Ms Lisa Moloney (MLC School)