Tangara School for Girls

Principal Mrs Rita Sakr

Website www.tangara.nsw.edu.au

Address 89 – 97 Franklin Rd, Cherrybrook, NSW 2126

Phone +61 2 9680 4844

Since 1982, Tangara has offered families and their children a total educational experience unlike any other through our unique 1 on 1 Mentoring System.  Combined with a strong academic foundation, this system differs markedly from arrangements offered in other schools by enabling a true partnership between school and parents in the development of their children.

Tangara is built on the belief that the best education develops the whole person, integrating the pursuit of academic excellence, learning of diverse skills, building of character and the development of faith.  We inspire young women to embrace leadership and thrive in all areas of life through our outstanding academics and co-curricular opportunities in sport, music, drama, public speaking, community service, leadership and much more.

Our mission is summed up best in our school motto: Ad SummamVirtutem, Towards the Fullness of Virtue.